Emily Cordwell (née Keal)

Lecturer | Researcher | Entrepreneur

I am a Tertiary Educator and Digital Marketer. Currently managing and tutoring on the Digital Marketing Programme for the New Zealand Institute of Education. For 5 years I ran a successful Digital Marketing company specialising in website design, SEO, Social Media and E-mail marketing for Small to Medium businesses. I continue to provide these services on a freelance bases, as my current focus is on Education.

Alongside my teaching I am studying for my Masters in Digital Education. This is an area of real interest for me as it combines my passion for all things Digital, whilst looking into how this is affecting one of the oldest industries; Education.

This website is my profile but more importantly my blog to share my latest research into both Digital Marketing and Digital Education.

I am not actively seeking work but please contact me if you need guest speaking, website management, external assessment moderation, digital marketing strategy or website hosting support.


Latest from my Blog

Gender Stereotypes in Marketing

Gender Stereotypes have been banned from British Advertising by the Advertising Standards Authority. Advertisements which are likely to cause harm, serious or widespread offense. This is a topic which I raised at our termly Digital Marketing Convention, a topic which...

How Augmented Reality is changing the face of Digital Marketing

How Augmented Reality is changing the face of Digital Marketing Each term I organise a Digital Marketing Convention for all my students. During which I and my 3 colleagues have to research and present a new and changing topic within Digital Marketing it is a great way...

Where to find copyright free imagery for your Digital Marketing.

For this blog post 2 areas of my life are coming together, my masters study in Digital Education and my teaching on the Website Design course as part of the Digital Marketing Diploma at NZIE.  For my Masters study I was introduced to Creative Commons and...

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