As you may know from yesterday’s blog and previous 1st of April updates I am a big fan of Google April Fools. In previous years we’ve had Google turn upside down, Google nose where you can smell images and apps to help find lost socks. This morning I have already been looking at what they have been up to. Mrs Pacman is back on Google Maps and whilst it’s not a Google April Fool and you genuinely play a game it’s good fun. Here are some of my favourites and not just from Google this year.


As a big fan of Alexa this is very funny, I do not need my cat ordering more food and toys!!

Google Gnome

There is certainly a theme here with smart homes. I like the way they are talking the mick out of themselves with this smart home gadget.

A watch made from Dog or Cat Fur

This isn’t from Google but has managed to go viral. Erm, yuk! Worth a watch.

Google Wind

Very clever Google they can now control the weather! I suspect this is taking the mick out of Office 365’s advert.


Google Chromebook Accessories

Whilst it’s only a blog post and selection of photos, the Chromebook selfie sticks and work out armband is funny!

Read their full selection here. 

Google Maps Mrs Pacman

Make sure you head over to Google Maps to play Mrs Pacman today.

We will keep adding as we find more.