For my Masters research I need to look into Digital Teaching Tools. For this peice of resesrch I chose Google Expeditions in association with Google Cardboard.

Google Expeditions is an app which lets student experience places across the world in 3D, using Google Street and 360 photos. Using both Virtual Reality and Augmented reality it can bring a swirling tornado to their desk or take a tour through the Lourve. Perfect for History, Art and Geography lessons. 

It works with Virtual Reality glasses or for the more affordable option Google Cardboard, a flat pack cardboard viewing frame (about $4) housing a mobile phone which contains the free app; an accessible way for anybody to give this tool a go.

I think this is great for primary school children, to use in their Art, History and Geography lessons. It works with a variety of learning styles, giving students a visual, practical and reliable experience.

I struggled to see how it could work for teriaty students and avoid being a fad. But further resesrch and discussion I can see it working for simulation environments like driving training and medical environments. It is also a good tool for modelling careers to allow students to experientially learn about the potential of their studies.