As part of my Masters Study I needed to research into online tools for learning (which will form a few of these blogs posts). For our assessment we were instructed to use an infographic tool, to create an infographic to communicate a 2,000 word presentation of 4 learning category’s. My initial thought was, a 2,000 word infographic, surely that’s not an infographic! However it worked very effectively as the 4 learning categories each had 5 sub sections, if it wasn’t for the word count and the infographic, this would be a very long and wordy essay.

I chose to use Visme a tool for creating presentations, infographics and visual content. It was really easy to use with some good templates, all for free. There are some paid for extensions, but I am very confident with Photoshop so combined the tools to produce icons and graphics.

I was pleased with the results and the below infographic resulted in a B grade, with extra credit for the layout and design.

I was so pleased with the tool, I introduced Visme to my class. For my website class they have to learn about the laws surrounding the legal and ethics of website design; laws are never simple things to learn. So I had students work in pairs to produce and present 12 infographics, 1 for each law using icons and diagrams to present their laws. This was a very effective exercise, it not only introduced the laws but introduced the students to another tool which they could use to produce their presentations or reports.