I am looking forward to this course as it has a real practical application to my job. I have been teaching on the Diploma in Digital Marketing programme for 2 years now and we want to move the majority of our course online. Various reasons including, keeping up with the trend, reducing overheads and targeting students from around the world but with recent restrictions on movement of people around the world, due to the Coronavirus, it has become very clear this is the correct direction to take our programme. Whilst it is a very technical course requiring a lot of practical technology application, the course has been designed to be classroom based. 

As part of this course I want to understand what educational design is. My challenge is to take this classroom based course, with its resources, assessments and tutors and design a course to be completely online. I am really excited by the Technology tools element of this course as this is a great opportunity to test out some new resources and applications which could be applied to my programme design.

I have a good knowledge of learning theories following my diploma in Education and my study so far on my Digital Education masters and I am keen to apply these adult learning theories to the online world. But I understand it’s very different, students engage and learn differently. For myself I didn’t think I would respond well to an online learning environment as my study at Massey is my first completely online course, but a year into my studies and I love it. It fits with my learning style, lifestyle and motivations and I am keen to understand how a completely online course can be developed to work for not only students like myself who are self-motivated but also for those who find commitment to learning more challenging.