I have written a blog about Digital Marketing for many years and provided regular updates whilst running Online Toolbox Ltd. As my academic career has developed my attention towards this blog faded but it still something which I am passionate about sharing. I have provided links to some of my older articles but please bear in mind that the pace at which Digital Marketing changes some of these articles may contain out of date content. However I still feel there is plenty of value in keeping these old posts on my website, all blog posts are dated so please check the date before reading.

As my research is currently in Digital Education my blog will now contain elements of digital education as well as digital marketing. Please check back for my latest posts and feel free to navigate my old ones.

I welcome my students to read my blogs put please give me credit for all work and images and remember to APA cite each post you use.

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Gender Stereotypes in Marketing

Gender Stereotypes have been banned from British Advertising by the Advertising Standards Authority. Advertisements which are likely to cause harm, serious or widespread offense. This is a topic which I raised at our termly Digital Marketing Convention, a topic which...

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What are Google Analytics doing about GDPR?

As part of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Google analytics are asking users to confirm to their data processing agreement. I have spent my evening agreeing to over 120 accounts, so I thought it was important to share this with you. If you have full user...

Be more human with your digital marketing

I am sure you are thinking; Emily what are you talking about, in a digital age where you actively promote remote working and digital marketing! But what I mean is putting a face to the company, making your digital marketing more personable, making you more of an...

How NOT to optimise your keywords on your website

Keyword regulations have changed in the past few years and it's important that you are not over optimising. There are still a lot of website articles out there that give the wrong information. The general advice is that if the blog article is talking about keywords...

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