I have written a blog about Digital Marketing for many years and provided regular updates whilst running Online Toolbox Ltd. As my academic career has developed my attention towards this blog faded but it still something which I am passionate about sharing. I have provided links to some of my older articles but please bear in mind that the pace at which Digital Marketing changes some of these articles may contain out of date content. However I still feel there is plenty of value in keeping these old posts on my website, all blog posts are dated so please check the date before reading.

As my research is currently in Digital Education my blog will now contain elements of digital education as well as digital marketing. Please check back for my latest posts and feel free to navigate my old ones.

I welcome my students to read my blogs put please give me credit for all work and images and remember to APA cite each post you use.

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Gamification  For Activity 6 we were asked to demonstrate a technology tool, I choose Google Cardboard but it wasn’t the tool which I demonstrated which got my interest it was another students. The other student presented The Training Arcade, which combines a variety...

Facial Recognition Marketing

Facial Recognition Marketing

Each term we do a Digital Marketing convention for all our students which is an opportunity for tutors to research and present an emerging topics within Digital Marketing. This term I looked into Facial Recognition Advertising.  Personalised advertising is nothing...

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