Online Toolbox Ltd

In February 2013 I took the leap from my graduate job as a Digital Marketer to set up my own company. I had been making small websites for friends during my university studies and graduate job. But I wanted to take this full time and set up a support and teaching company to provide the whole Digital Marketing package and training to their staff, so I established Online Toolbox Ltd.

I ran this company full time in the UK for 4 years, managing 5 members of staff (pictured right), a mixture of contractors and employees. Developing and managing websites, e-mail marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimisation. With the aim of providing on-going support and training to these companies through workshops and mentoring. Working with  companies such as opticians, dentists, florists, community centres, bed & breakfasts, vets, driving instructors, charities, fitness instructors and restaurants.

I really enjoyed managing the company and learning the challenges which come with a small company understanding accountancy, tax, HR, project management, developing systems and processes.

In 2017 I decided to move to New Zealand for a better work life balance and opportunities. During my time running Online Toolbox I developed a remote working arrangement with my staff. Over the next year I continued with 2 members of staff, completing the larger projects and phasing out on-going projects. I now work freelance, managing the social media and e-mail marketing for a few companies. Still contracting work to one of my contractors who is in the UK. I continue to host, manage and maintain over 100 WordPress websites providing ongoing support to these website clients.

When time allows, I like to take on a website development project or give a seminar on small business digital marketing. Online Toolbox will always be something that will continue provding on-going support to start ups and small business. It keeps me up to date and involved in industry.