Digital Marketing Programme Leader 

I knew I wanted to teach but not in a traditional primary school setting which my parents did. During my undergraduate studies I ran a volunteer group teaching IT to over the over 50’s, I called it Silver Surfing, teaching skills such as internet banking, online shopping and photo editing. Prior to leaving my graduate job I did an evening class in initial teacher training and loved it!

Setting up Online Toolbox allowed me to deliver training to companies on a topic which I knew well; Website Design and Digital Marketing. I enjoy sharing my skills and seeing people learn a new things, then apply them to their work and life. This style of teaching was very practical which suited for the corporate environment, delivered through short  or 1 day courses.

Not long after starting my company Online Toolbox I saw an opportunity for a part time computing lecturer, teaching on their Diploma in Computing course I applied and got the job. Initially it was to support my income as I ran my start up company, but I really enjoyed it and it complemented my business very well. I taught their Website design and emerging technology courses, bringing examples from my industry work and taking on interns. Eventually I employed a student who stayed employed at my company for nearly 3 years. 

During this time I was sponsored by my college to complete a 1 year Diploma in Education at the local university, I really enjoyed it and it complemented my jobs. I have since completed the conversion courses as required by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Authority).

Having moved to New Zealand I got an opportunity to continue teaching in academia at Diploma level, this time on a course which is entirely focused on Digital Marketing. I am now Programme Leader (Head of Department) for NZIE (New Zealand Institute of Education) managing and teaching on their diploma programme. Specialising in Website design, Digital Design, E-mail marketing and Google Analytics.

I love teaching, seeing students develop their knowledge throughout the programme. Having those light bulb moments and getting a sense of pride when they achieve something. Our course is an applied programme, which I am very supportive of, I encourage students to get internships and apply their learning to practical applications. It is no surprise that students often walk right into jobs after they complete the 1 year programme, something which is a hugely rewarding part of my role. 

Link to the NZIE website for the Digital Marketing Programme.