Master of Education (Digital Education)

I am currently undertaking my Masters study at Massey University specialising in Digital Education. This is a distance course which allows me to work full time, work freelance and live my life. This is an area of real interest for me as it combines my passion for all things Digital whilst looking into how this is affecting one of the oldest industries; Education.

The Digital world has allowed Education to be distance, online, blended and even integrate computer, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Our understanding of the needs of our learners has never been better and our access to the resources to support these learners is wide and growing.

I want to be involved in the changes that are affecting Education and make sure that Digital is used effectively to support learning and doesn’t become a fad.

I only started this programme in early 2019, so don’t have a specialist research area but I have interests in MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses), Gamification and Connectivism. The study I have done far has introduced me new concepts of Digital Education which I wasn’t aware of and I am enjoying applying these to my teaching.

Link to the full programme 

Blog posts about Digital Education

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Teaching Tool Google Cardboard

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